A Home in Bali

Many people from around the world are considering to buy a home on the island of Bali. From year to year the demand increased steadily. This is the result from the low tax on real estate. People from around the world are not worry to pay real estate taxes on the island of Bali. The low real estate plus the high currency change from US dollar probably drive many of the foreigners own home booming.

Many of the property in Bali turn into a private villa which in the end bieng rented to holiday makers. Key areas many of the foreign investor are looking into like Seminyak, Canggu, Jimbaran, Ubud and some other beach side area around the east and north of Bali. Though in recent years the government has been trying to put a different tax from property that changes into vacation rental but still the demand for such property is very high.

In the point of fact, the island of Bali boost private villas more than any other island around Indonesia or any other similar vacation destination like Phuket in Thailand. Keep in mind that prior to this the number of private villas in Bali is not that much. This has cause the number of greenery on the island of Bali decreasing fast.
In addition increasing the tax on private villas and also from its revenue the government trying to impose law that will halt the private villas booming in Bali that will also save the rice fields changing into home or villas. Law like not permitted to build on green zone, strict procedure to obtain building permit are some of the things imposed.

This is the hope of the future of Bali lies. A home in Bali will not help the island of Bali keep its old customs for future to enjoy. If you love the island of Bali then built a home in Bali is not the only solution, there are other more better things to give to the island of Bali.

Bali Land Sale

baliland saleSelections of land for sale on the island of Bali from beachfront land, sea view/ ocean view, near from the beach are available.

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Bali Villa Sale

Bali villa saleSelections of villa for sale on the island of Bali from beachfront villas, sea view/ ocean view private villa and near from the beach villa are available.

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Bali Update

What Kind of Tour in Bali You Should Take!

Bali has many places which can be visited on your journey to this island. You will be greeted with beautiful rice terraces, archaeological attractions and an amazing culture of welcoming locals. These are some of the things which makes the island of Bali popular as a vacation destination.

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Canggu Villa Sale

canggu villa saleLocated on Jalan Pantai Berawa, this villa has rice fields views and quite near from the beach

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